1.       Deliveries and installations of traction and hydraulic lifts.

2.     Deliveries and installations of lift structures.

3.     General overhauls and reconstructions of all types of traction and hydraulic lifts.

4.     Replacement of carrying facilities.

5.     Smaller reparations of lifts, single eliminations of defects.

6.     Advisory activities at new lift selection, at repairs, at technical solutions when changing purpose of buildings.

7.     Contractual service for all kinds of lifts – basic, advanced 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

8.     Inspections – revisions, testing, educational trainings for our customers.

9.     Workshop repairs of:

-        winch units,

-        speed regulator weights,

-        electromotors,

-        electromagnets,

-        lift controllers,

-        cabins with focus on modern aestetics,

-        other lift parts.

10.  Replacements of cabin and landing doors – fireproof versions available.

11.  Replacements of old, relay-based lift controllers for new, modern, reliable microprocessor-based controllers for all kinds of lifts. Replacements of electrical parts in shaft and machinery room. HELVYK ELEVATORS, s.r.o. offers large variety of buttons with longlasting LEDs in several finishings (stainless steel, colour...).

12.  Installations of photocells for personal and goods lifts, that are reliable also in extreme conditions (dust, oil, water).

13.  Installations of safety cabin lights, gongs, digital position and direction indicators and other modifications pursuant to STN EN 81.1 +AC and STN EN 81.2 +AC. Thanks to these modifications, it is possible to connect 2 lifts with corporate machinery room into DUPLEX, etc.