Lifts are from technological point of view the most complicated parts of buildings. Before Year 1989 were in our country safety and other technical requirements unattended, mainly because of price reasons. There is majority of lifts in use, which are over 30 years old, with technical solutions, which lifetime gone and are therefore dangerous. Some lifts in use have wooden cabins, which were installed years ago with no cabin doors. Safety devices of landing doors are too defective, locking devices consist just of one mechanical part and electrical parts can be brought out of use just by small piece of wire. Lot of injuries were caused by absence of cabin doors and by simple locking device. There are more facts, that influence conditions of older lifts negatively: for example single-acting brakes, absence of inspection travels, use of asbestos in brake systems, etc.


In accordance with modernization program, we do also analysis of lift conditions, improvements of lifts in general and improvements of lift safety. In Slovak republic were issued several publications regarding these topics, but the most important is “STN EN 81-81 – Rules for the improvement of safety of existing passenger and goods passenger lifts”, issued in October 2004.


Modernization of lifts means, first of all, elimination of all safety defects. Responsible for the safety and suitable maintenance is the owner of the lift. Analysis and rating of safety risks follows valid law regulations, SNEL – Safety norms for enrich of existing lifts safety and also other EU standards, we have to respect.



The most important parts, those need to be modernized:



-        driving mechanism – winch unit


-        cabins, cabin doors and cabin door mechanisms


-        landing doors


-        lift controllers


-        buttons and indicators


-        electric network in shaft and machinery room


-        safety electronics



The main target of lift modernization is elimination of safety risks



First degree modernization means, that unacceptable safety level will be eliminated, the reliability of lifts is enlarged and lifetime of lifts is extended.


Second degree modernizations provides not only elimination of unacceptable safety risks, but also advanced safety, the increase of technical and aesthetic level, increasing of comfort, lifetime and reliability of lifts.





First degree modernization

Second degree modernization




Winch unit

mechanism overhaul



added microprocessor control card and reparation of controller

new microprocessor-based controller with VVVF

Wooden cabin

wall facing upon customer choice

new steel-panel cabin

Steel-panel cabin

color reparation upon choice

new cabin

Cabin door

new folding

automatic 4-panel central opening

Control panel

new buttons

digital buttons + direction and position indicators

Landing doors

semiautomatic doors

automatic doors

Electrical parts and circuits

addition of electrical parts such as photocell, etc.

new electro installations also in shaft and machinery room

Safety components in machinery room and in shaft

added pursuant to requirements no.: 026/BTP/TI

replaced for new, following STN EN 81.1 and 81.2 + AC


Modernization means:



Better travel comfort


Lower maintenance costs


Saving of power


Safety increase


Access to higher floors for disabled people


Lift value increase


Whole building value increase



Coming closer to the EU regulations



European commission recommends next principles regarding safety increase of existing lifts for all members of EU:


1.       Cabin should be equipped with cabin door and position indicators


2.       Ropes revision and replacement of damaged ropes


3.       Adjust cabin levelling and speed deceleration


4.       Create easy-to-use and simple control panels in cabins and buttons in landings, so disabled people can use it just by themselves


5.       Automatic doors should be equipped with photocells


6.       Lifts with speed over 0,6 m/s should be equipped with safety gears


7.       Communication device should be available in case of malfunction of lift


8.       Remove out asbestos from brake systems


9.       On the cabin roof should be inspection travel button


10.    Cabin should be equipped with emergency light, that is in use in case of power failure



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